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Smudge Banner Video Tutorial

This video isn’t exactly a tutorial, but more of a guide. You guys can see how I make my banners. I use mostly custom brushes and smudging techniques.

5 Minute Preview

Title: Smudge Banner Tutorial
Length: 37:11
Note: If anything, I’d pay attention to the beginning + end and skim through the middle. It’s all about experimenting and finding the right effects.

Download: Video Tutorial (Mirror) (33mb) | Photoshop File (PSD) | Smudging Brushes (two of which were made in the video)

Music: Music is included. Mute if you like since there’s no commentary. I messed up around 11-15, so there’s no music there.

Songs Used
Big Bang – Oh, Ah, Oh
Namie Amuro – Wild
Judy Chou – 寂寞包廂
Bae Seul Ki – Come To Me
Epik High – One (Feat. Jisun)
Big Bang – Lie (Remix)
Clazziquai Project – Come To Me (Mellotron Remix)
SHINee – 누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay Boom Track)

1. Please do not redistribute.
2. The .psd file is for learning purposes only. Do not modify it, or take parts of it for another graphic and claim as your own.
2. Credit me if you use the brushes. Link back to either vtension@LJ or http://vtension.com.
3. If you try, please show your results. I’d love to see what you make.[/left]

My other banners using the same techniques:

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