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Finally, the structure and design of version 3 of Vtension is complete. It’s hard to let go of my previous layout–the one with the painting, but I finally did it. However, I did left the layout around for those who want to browse it, here.

This time around, the site is more blog-like. I went with a simple and easy to navigate design. The blog is powered by WordPress. I wanted Vtension to be more interactive, and with it being a blog, I will strive to update more.

Currently, some many of the pages are empty because I have not updated them yet. I want to start fresh with the content, so I will only be posting works that I really like. Older works will be at the archive of version 2 of Vtension.
Many many thanks to Dan, aka Creative-Le, who coded the site for me. I really appreciate all the work that he has put into the site. Speaking of which, he and I plan to create a website solely for holding design contests. The idea stems from me wanting to hold contests on my blog when launched. So be on the look out for either of that and more.

I hope you guys like the new structure. There will definitely be more goods to come; such as tutorials and resources.

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