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Brushes used in this tutorial can be found here post. Tutorial is not recommended for beginners and or those not familiar with the tools in Adobe Photoshop because I assume you know what tools I’m referring to and how to use them. This is more of a tutorial / guide to show you how exactly I make my banners step by step.

Please view in HD on Fullscreen. Download the file here.

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….ok, it’s not exactly a tutorial since I’m just showing you how I do some of my banners and not teaching you. But you get the point. This video is meant as a guide more than anything. It utilizes one of the textures from my resource from my previous post. In this post, you will also find my older smudge banner tutorial and the smudging brushes that I use. Scratch that, I’ll post it up after this.

Please view in HD on Fullscreen.

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