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Graphic Designs

The Spotlight

December 2008 | Graphic Design


November 2008 | Graphic Design

Romantic Movie Posters

November / July 2008 | Graphic Design

Horror Movie Posters

February 2009 / July2008 | Graphic Design

Trial Gone Wrong

February 2008 | Graphic Design

A large canvas where I was experimenting with different elements. I didn’t like it much 3/4 of the way done, but when I was done (one or two long months later because I went on a hiatus), I did grew fond of it. Trial not gone wrong after all.


August 2008 | Graphic Design

A collaboration between me and Dan, utilizing shapes and various photo manipulation techniques. Work in progress can be found here.

Stuck In Your Love

July 2008 | Graphic Design

Get Well

July 2007 | Illustrations

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