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I love uploading my works to a folder or an account just so that I always have a collection to look at years later. I just went through and updated the traditional art section, specifically the drawings and paintings section. While going through my folders, I found a lot of my old doodles and works that I want to show, but is not portfolio appropriate.

I want to share some of my first drawings and paintings, as well as some random arts that I’ve made in the last 4 years since I’ve been drawing and making graphics.

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My summer started on May 13th, but I haven’t done much at all ever since then. I made 2-3 client templates and worked on one theme that is still in progress to be coded by Creative-Le. A day ago, I started on another template, but today, I decided that I have some things I need to do before that.

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I know. It’s been a very long time since I last updated. I promised that I would update more when I made this blog, but clearly that wasn’t the case. All things aside, it’s summer now so I have some time to design and draw before I have to start on my summer research studies.

Oh, and how can I forget–I got my Macbook Pro 15.4″ laptop Saturday. I’ve been using it so far with ease and I love it. I was originally worried about switching over, but I’m glad I did. Mac is pretty easy to use if you’re not too use to Windows. And now with a Macbook, I kind of have a desire to design and such to test it.

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For the first time since I’ve been in Rome-Georgia, it actually snowed for more than 30 minutes, and two to three inches at that. The snow means that tonight will be very cold. I wish I could turn the heater on here, but Asian families tend to want to save electricity, or in my case, gas, because our house is more than 30 years old.

Siblings in the snow. Read More

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