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Brushes used in this tutorial can be found here post. Tutorial is not recommended for beginners and or those not familiar with the tools in Adobe Photoshop because I assume you know what tools I’m referring to and how to use them. This is more of a tutorial / guide to show you how exactly I make my banners step by step.

Please view in HD on Fullscreen. Download the file here.

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Program: Photoshop CS+
Content: 10 Large brushes
Note: These are most suitable for large pieces. Can be used to smugde or brush a canvas. You can use them for minor photoshop airbrushing as well. Best with black on white, or any dark colors on white.
To use: Extract the .Zip file and load the brush (.abr) document in Photoshop.
>>Please do not alter, claim as your own, and redistribute.

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I love uploading my works to a folder or an account just so that I always have a collection to look at years later. I just went through and updated the traditional art section, specifically the drawings and paintings section. While going through my folders, I found a lot of my old doodles and works that I want to show, but is not portfolio appropriate.

I want to share some of my first drawings and paintings, as well as some random arts that I’ve made in the last 4 years since I’ve been drawing and making graphics.

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This video isn’t exactly a tutorial, but more of a guide. You guys can see how I make my banners. I use mostly custom brushes and smudging techniques.

5 Minute Preview

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This is really old (made in like 2007), but it kind of goes in conjuction with my banner tutorials since it’s basic stuff that you should keep in mind. You’d be surprised how more clean your banners or graphics look if you follow some of these.

Part 1 | Part 2

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